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Pole Barns

Benefits of Pole Barns

Are you considering adding a barn, garage, stable or shed on your property? Consider the value and ease of a pole barn. You may be wondering “what is a pole barn anyway?” Pole barns are a type of post-frame construction where poles serve as the foundation and primary load bearing members of the structure.

This system has many benefits including ease of construction and lower cost compared to other methods. After looking into the facts about pole barns, chances are you will realize they offer the perfect solution for your need.

Customize Your Pole Barn

Design and customize the perfect pole barn for your needs. Use our free online design tool to create your pole barn and get an instant quote.

Why Choose a Pole Barn?

  • Less Sitework
    If you start with a fairly level spot to build your new pole barn, almost no site work is needed. The poles are set in the ground 4-6 feet, and the rest of the ground can be left as is.
  • Easier Foundation
    The only foundation required for a pole barn is the concrete poured around the posts in the ground. Foundations for traditional structures can be expensive and often require significant time to prepare. This can save 10%-15% of your building cost.
  • Less Material
    Poles carry all the load in a pole barn and can be spaced farther apart compared to traditional framed buildings. This method results in more strength with less material which means lower cost for you.
  • Less Labor
    Fewer materials & simpler design means less labor and faster build times.
  • Better Insulation
    The wide spacing between posts in the pole barn frame allows for better insulation due to fewer thermal breaks.
  • Better Ventilation
    If you prefer an open structure pole barns also naturally create better ventilation and air flow. Because of the wider spacing of framing, you can enjoy a more comfortable environment with higher air quality.
  • Lower Cost
    One of the main benefits to choosing a post frame pole barn building over a traditional barn is cost. With less site work, easier foundations, less materials and labor this means lower cost. With this form of construction some builders can have a new pole barn raised in a day while a traditional barn can take weeks.